Multiple Benefits from the Fuel Tank to the Combustion Chamber

The formula, created with compounds containing only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, works from the fuel tank through all the engine systems to the exhaust system and improves the efficiency in every area.

IN THE FUEL TANK: Its molecular attraction to metal causes the additive to disperse and blend with fuel quickly. It can be introduced either before or after fueling and no stirring is needed. Fuel Magic is attracted to the tank walls and forms a thin film which displaces corrosion and allows it to fall away where it can be removed through the filtration system. This thin film provides a protective coating that inhibits new corrosion from forming.


Fuel Magic stabilizes stored fuels, prevents loss of combustibility, fuel separation, formation of water and algae growth.

IN THE FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM: The attraction of Fuel Magic to metal creates a thin protective film on the mechanical parts of the fuel pump and injectors which adds lubricity, reduces wear, and keeps injectors clean. It reduces coking on diesel injectors.



IN THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER: The Fuel Magic polar compound attracts to the cylinder walls, pistons and cylinder head creating a thin film that reduces engine wear and piston scuffing. It also penetrates combustion deposits, even hardened ones, and removes them with each firing of the engine, increasing the overall fuel efficiency. Older engines begin to run like new again. Newer engines retain their cleanliness and have reduced wear, less overhauls.


The combustion modifier creates a more complete fuel burn which adds power and reduces exhaust emissions. Fuel economy is increased and hydrocarbon emissions are decreased. 


IN PETROL ENGINES: combustion deposit removal reduces the octane requirement of the engine by 5 to 7 numbers.

IN DIESEL ENGINES: the combustion modifier increases cetane by about 2 numbers. 

IN THE EXHAUST SYSTEM: The combination of the more complete fuel burn along with increased combustion chamber cleanliness reduces exhaust emissions by about 26%. An even greater decrease of emissions is seen in older engines with combustion deposit buildup. Fuel Magic is burned completely before exiting into the exhaust system. The cleaner emissions reduce the load on aftermarket diesel particulate traps and catalytic converters.

FUEL MAGIC can be safely used to treat all types of fuels including leaded and unleaded petrol, ethanol, high and low sulfur diesel, furnace oil, biodiesel, and kerosene fuels.